Accounts and Tax Returns for Sole Traders and Partnerships

We take all the stress out of preparing accounts and completing tax returns for sole traders and partnerships in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire

We prepare your accounts for the year from the records which you supply and will:

• look for areas where you may not have claimed for expenses

• look at areas where you could possibly make cost-savings, and

• ensure that all balances are correct and inform you of any adjustments that have been made – and why.

Your records

We can work with your records in whatever form you supply them. But we always like to show you how you can make your life easier (record-keeping less time-consuming) and make our job easier (thus cheaper for you) by helping you to switch to modern, cloud-based, paperwork-free systems.

Helping you understand your accounts

We’ll talk you through the detail of the accounts so that you fully understand them – and how to use the information that they provide to help your business in the future.

Where appropriate, we’ll also ensure that your accounting software is updated to reflect any adjustments that we’ve made.

Completing your tax returns

Once your accounts are finalised we can complete your tax return.

If your business is a partnership, we’ll prepare your partnership accounts and tax return and also the partners’ individual tax returns for the year. See Services page for other services we offer to partnerships, such as advice on, and checking of, partnership agreements.

Liaison with HMRC

We’ll liaise with HMRC on your behalf, dealing with general queries.

Ongoing support

We’re here when you need us: we won’t charge you each time you call or email us to raise a query. See How we work for details.

Helping you to plan for tax bills

To make sure you never get a nasty surprise, we can provide you with tax estimations throughout the year. And we’ll remind you of upcoming deadlines for tax payments and submissions.

Need help with accounts or tax returns for your self-employment or partnership businesss?

Give us a call now on 01276 780120 or email And we’ll get straight back to you to arrange a free, no-obligation initial meeting.