Moneypad Accountants

Do you need an accountant who understands your business?

We provide full accountancy services for small businesses and start-up businesses, self-employed professionals and the construction industry in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

Coping with tax returns, VAT returns, payroll, bookkeeping, CIS and the like can be challenging when you run your own business. We understand – and help you take care of all of that. So you have peace of mind knowing that everything’s in order – and you’re in complete control of your finances.

Have you:

• received an unexpected tax bill?

• got queries about what’s been included in your tax return? about how to register as self employed? or about the construction industry scheme [CIS]?

• been offered a job role as a contractor?

• grown to the point where you can’t manage all your accountancy functions in-house?

• been charged penalties by Companies House or HMRC?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above – or you’ve got any other business finance or tax-related query – give us a call on 01276 780120 or email And we’ll get straight back to you to arrange a free initial consultation.

We’re a modern, forward-looking accountancy practice. And we’re proud to be different …

• give us your records and we won’t sit on them: you’ll always get a rapid response, and

• phone or email us when you've got a query and we won’t put the clock on [click here to find out why not]

So don’t struggle – or delay dealing with – any financial stuff that you’re finding difficult, confusing, boring or time-consuming. Come and see us. And we’ll put everything in order for you.

Call us now on 01276 780120 or email and we’ll get straight back to you to arrange a free initial consultation.

And if you’re builder who doesn’t want any stress over the taxman and enjoys a free breakfast, you’re in the right place. Just click here